47th Symphony Designers' Showhouse

This is the second year Designer Consignment Furniture and Interiors has participated in the Symphony Showhouse. We are proud to be part of such an incredible offering of design talent and gorgeous furnishings. Our 'Leisurely Landing' is a great cross-section of findings typical to our consignment store.


We've used upscale art and fine furniture, gently used and one-of-a-kind, in a leisurely mix of styles. We are the very heart of eclecticism. High Street and Low Country, Shabby Chic and refined...the makings of a happy home.

Event of Seasons 2012!

Our open house "Event of Seasons" this weekend was a fabulous opportunity to see the latest seasonal and holiday decor as well as new consignment furniture arrivals. The Traveling Sisters also presented a mini fashion show throughout the store on Friday evening. Check out the highlight video from Friday's open house event as well as a few items of new decor and furniture. Be sure to check out all of the new seasonal decor and consignment furniture now at Designer Consignment by visiting the Seasonal and Holiday Decor gallery! Event of Seasons



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Layered Style

Simple Steps to creating a stylish table-scape Layering is the easiest and most stylish way to bring interest and depth to your table top.  A colorful explosion can be created with just a few essentials.  Start with some textured chargers and work your way up with different shapes and colors of dishware.  We used a large square plate with a deep round bowl and salad plate.  Adding different hues of blues and greens with a pop of golden yellow!  Just throw in some napkins and some tall pilsner glasses for height and you are ready for the BBQ.

DC Tip: Summer time is the perfect opportunity to find stylish centerpieces OR the outdoor tables at Designer Consignment!




We see a lot of beautiful China Hutches come through our doors here at Designer Consignment.  Don't have or want the family China?  Try using these interesting furniture pieces for a focal point in a family room or library/office.  They make great bookcases or framework for your favorite decor.  They can easily add depth to a room and give you functional storage space.

DC TIP: Flank each side with bright botanical prints for the spring season and bring in your favorite garden pot for added interest!

UPDATE- Consignment Concepts Now Available on Issuu!


We are excited to release our recently produced interior decorating E-Magazine, Consignment Concepts, on the Issuu format. Now you can take your issues wherever you go and view them on your Android devices. Apple iPhone and iPad versions are coming soon! Issuu is an exciting new way to explore the latest E-content from your own personal library! Learn more and explore the Issuu.

If you missed our previous issues, check them out today by viewing them below.

August Outdoor Living Issue

[issuu width=420 height=272 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120113160535-bf2361cf908f4606acd113c426baa52b name=consignment-concepts-august-outdoor-living username=chadjacksonphoto tag=august unit=px id=be038649-fade-5038-01b2-a6b0f017191f v=2]


November Holiday Issue

[issuu width=420 height=272 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120113173930-6d81b03ce7294502b5b14a8a2703a62b name=consignment-concepts-holiday2011-hiprint username=chadjacksonphoto tag=christmas unit=px id=646e38f3-54bf-b4ef-c808-90c7d5e3ca17 v=2]

Consignment Concepts - Holiday Issue

Consignment Concepts 2011 Holiday Issue

Seasons Greetings from Designer Consignment! It's that time of year again, the time of year that stirs up nostalgic memories and family traditions. This year we wanted to share with you some simple holiday decorating ideas that will help you transform your special place into a festive and fun atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.

Take a few minutes to download or view online our latest Holiday Issue of Consignment Concepts now in Issuu format and you'll be well equipped with inspiring holiday decorating ideas for your home. Now you can actually enjoy decorating for the holidays!

[issuu width=420 height=272 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120113173930-6d81b03ce7294502b5b14a8a2703a62b name=consignment-concepts-holiday2011-hiprint username=chadjacksonphoto tag=christmas unit=px id=34942661-e54a-6ad8-e352-a88d07d9c9ef v=2]

Consignment Concepts Magazine

Consignment Concepts - August - Outdoor Living

Designer Consignment is proud to present Consignment Concepts... a design magazine specifically tailored for consignment shoppers! Filled with inspiring and simple ideas, Consignment Concepts will help you add a fun and creative vibe to your living spaces. This months issue features Outdoor Living with some excellent tips to make your next outdoor patio party a smashing success!

Download or view online the August edition of Consignment Concepts Outdoor Living below!

[issuu width=420 height=272 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120113160535-bf2361cf908f4606acd113c426baa52b name=consignment-concepts-august-outdoor-living username=chadjacksonphoto tag=august unit=px id=be038649-fade-5038-01b2-a6b0f017191f v=2]

Cozy Cabin Corner

How about adding a little Cabin to your home?  I always find it a "great escape" to go into an area of your home that you designed to be where you wish you were. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

This Old Hickory Pub Table would make a great focal piece in a Den or even a Breakfast Nook.  I would pair it with these wildlife frosted Highball glasses and some cabin wall art surrounding your trophy Buck or Designer Consignment's Mule Deer Mount, and your ready to relax in your rustic, cozy cabin corner.

Gathering Vintage Roses

Vintage rose divider with matching lamps and writing deskAnother example of gathering your favorite collection and transforming it into a charming statement in your home.  This lovely Rose Divider came into Designer Consignment the other day, and inspired me to hunt for roses. Being that the divider had a vintage feel to it, I pulled it together with this wonderful Vintage Writing Desk, which happened to have a floral accent carved into the drawers.  I added a few Antique Rose Ceramic Lamps and some great floral storage boxes to complete the overall Rose inspired Treasure Hunt!  Of course I always like to look for the unexpected, and the Mini Floral High Chair fits the bill!  This grouping would be great in a hallway, corner of a guest's bedroom or even a Kitchen nook for reading those cook books...

Repurpose a Hutch For a Trendy Bar!


I had an old Armoire that I put to the wayside for a while since it was not being used as a TV cabinet.  I love the style of the armoire and wanted to repurpose it for something new and exciting.  It happened to be the holidays and entertaining came to mind.  So I turned my Armoire into a Trendy Bar for the Holiday Season. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

Designer Consignment recently received a Stanley Hutch and it was beautiful on its own, but not getting the attention it deserved…so my inspiration from my own experience and some great wine canvas art that came in yesterday, made me whip this Modern Bar together in a flash.  Some favorite Crystal Glasses and Decanters can fill most of the space and make for a wonderful showcase.  The wine canvas art and the Metal Basket for the Vino added interest.  What a great way to refresh and old Hutch, Cheers!

Creating a Home Gallery Wall


So you have probably seen those great gallery walls in magazines, such as Pottery Barn.  Have you thought…that would be nice but where do I start?  It is really quite simple if you break it down. Here are some Basic Guidelines:

  • Find your “Inspiration Piece”
  • Tell a Story with your collection
  • Make sure there is balance to the wall

Your inspiration piece could be an architectural element you found in your travels or your favorite family picture.  This should be your focal point, so I like to start with this piece, center it at eye (gallery) level to make a statement. Tell a story with your collection.  It may be a Family tree, your collection from your favorite destination such as Paris (which my heart sings for), or a theme that speaks to you. Balance is the most important factor.  This will allow you to be eclectic and free to use what you love and mix it all together.

Being the Decorator (or AKA “Ginger the RE-Arranger”) at Designer Consignment, I have to say, I feel like a Kid in a Candy Store!  I can walk around this store and find many treasures that look like they have been together forever, which make my favorite collections, those eclectic ones no one else has. Here is how I put together this wall Gallery Vignette for Designer Consignment…

I started looking for my “inspiration piece”, that being a lovely framed Vintage style Botanical art print.  So I decided the wall inspiration would be “the love of Nature”. Next, I needed to pull anything that caught my eye and told a story about nature and its elements.  I found this unique “tree trunk” table and used it as the furniture piece that would be great in an entryway!  Now if that doesn’t say nature…what does, right?

In picking my favorites, I looked for similarity in weight to give balance to my wall, remember don’t worry about different frames or colors, rules don’t apply if you have one common factor in place and balance, my common factor being a theme. I like to add a few mirrors and I used a mosaic sconce above the main picture to bring depth to the wall, find as many small pictures or pieces that you can to fill in the open areas after placing all the large ones.  Let the heavy pictures balance each other on each side.

The table toppings carry the story on with the rustic texture of the Terra Cotta pots and the amazing book I found that happened to be titled the Amazing World of Nature…Perfect as an accent piece (telling the story in words)!  A lamp to add warmth, and the little details I love, like the mini pot with a glass votive inserted inside for ambiance or using a vintage rocker as a plant stand.

[gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

Just remember to have fun with it all and everything will turn out ok!

Till next time, Ginger



Furniture and Decor Galleries for Designer Consignment


At Designer Consignment, we're excited to announce the return of our showroom galleries including select items of consignment furniture and consignment home decor. Ginger has also been hard at work adding to our ever growing vignettes gallery which contains fantastic ideas for living spaces large or small. Check out the new consignment furniture gallery, consignment home decor gallery, and vignettes and inspiration gallery by clicking the images below, or selecting your favorite gallery from the Pages link in the top navigation. Enjoy!

Consignment Furniture Gallery - Click Image to View Gallery


chocolate brown leather consignment loveseat








Consignment Home Decor Gallery - Click Image to View Gallery

pattern consignment dishware and servingware








Vignettes and Inspiration Gallery - Click Image to View Gallery

spring floral centerpiece ideas


Designer Consignment Featured in Shawnee Magazine


Designer Consignment Featured in Shawnee Magazine

In the Winter 2010/11 issue of Shawnee Magazine, Designer Consignment was honored to have a feature article written up about the store and the success they have been having despite a down economy. Click the image below to read the article online starting on page 10.


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