Repurpose a Hutch For a Trendy Bar!


I had an old Armoire that I put to the wayside for a while since it was not being used as a TV cabinet.  I love the style of the armoire and wanted to repurpose it for something new and exciting.  It happened to be the holidays and entertaining came to mind.  So I turned my Armoire into a Trendy Bar for the Holiday Season. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

Designer Consignment recently received a Stanley Hutch and it was beautiful on its own, but not getting the attention it deserved…so my inspiration from my own experience and some great wine canvas art that came in yesterday, made me whip this Modern Bar together in a flash.  Some favorite Crystal Glasses and Decanters can fill most of the space and make for a wonderful showcase.  The wine canvas art and the Metal Basket for the Vino added interest.  What a great way to refresh and old Hutch, Cheers!