About our Shop...

Many of us are changing the way we live. Downsizing, buying or selling, simplifying or updating, these are changes that bring challenges, like, what to do with my furnishings that will no longer work? Designer Consignment has been helping households all across the KC metro area (and beyond) with just that issue. Buyers and sellers alike are using the consignment process to relieve the stress from these changes, and reap the benefits. DC customers have come to expect great things from the selection at our Shawnee Mission Parkway store. Here's why:

We showcase many different styles of furniture and decor in eclectic, well-designed lifestyle settings. This eclectic mix appeals to the designer in all of us. It shows how you truly can trust your own taste buds when it comes to mixing it up.

Ginger Jackson (the daughter of the mother/daughter team that heads DC) is a master when it comes to helping customers re-imagine their own homes through inspiring ideas from the store vignettes and in-home consultations. Our store is consignment only, so instead of ordering new items to create a design style, she uses her styling techniques from our weekly collection of consignments from homes like yours.

Merchandise moves at DC. New consignments of furniture and decor arrive daily. Turnover is fast. Because the inventory is always moving the room designs are always changing. This allows Ginger to re-create rooms by rotating stock daily and giving all consignments great placement. Because of this constant movement the store looks fresh on each and every visit, and according to regular customers, even the next day!  

Interior Designers frequent our store. Many designers help clients find a new home for the pieces being replaced or look for the perfect item that becomes the “finishing touch” for their decorating project. Designers love the quality and reasonable prices we represent. We’ve become their ultimate resource for finding items that stand out from the mass produced "transitional" furniture of today, such as traditional classics not to be found in main stream shopping, unique treasures, selected antiques and gently-worn character pieces that can add charm and individuality to their client’s home. Customers become consignors, and vice-versa.  DC has changed the thought process of what used furnishings represent in today’s resale market. They’ve learned that “Quality is Timeless” and that we make it easy to buy and sell. Many people come in to consign and end up buying a little something they can't live without. It happens like that at DC. You bring in a bedroom set and walk out with a new settee, or a set of wonderfully patina copper saucepans. The heart wants what the heart wants. Who are we to argue?  

DC is a trustworthy matchmaker. Since 2004, our marketplace has allowed for the exchange of fine furnishings between customers (smart buyers) and consignors (savvy sellers) in a safe and friendly environment. We represent consignments as fine furnishings and display them accordingly - we don’t stack and pack. We take care of all the marketing and advertising expense. Yeah! You don’t have to ebay it, craigslist it, or garage sale it, you only have one it to do! Bring it to us and we will put it in front of people eager to give it a new home. Easy-peasy – you get paid without the haggling process or calls from us with customers wanting to make offers. We know our market and price accordingly. 

Surprising variety, amazing value. People are pleasantly surprised by the sheer volume of name brands that regularly come through our doors (we’re not one to drop names; however, when the names are what our store has gained recognition for, we can’t help ourselves)!  Our consignors make DC the “Premier Resource” in KC for fine home furnishings from lines like: Hooker, Thomasville, Ethan Allen, Maitland Smith, Baker, Sherrill, Hickory Chair, Heywood-Wakefield, John Richards, Uttermost Interiors, and Eastlake. Many of which have been purchased from local retailers like Nell Hills, Traditions, Madden McFarland, Ethan Allen, Woodson Antiques, Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrell, Pottery Barn, Calico Corners and the list goes on … It’s mind-boggling! We get lovely stuff, remarkable stuff, funky, cool, quirky, even weird stuff all to furnish and decorate the home with. A suit of armor from Mexico (which you may see up North as an outdoor mascot), a 12' double-sided Asian screen brought up from Florida, a European marquetry game table complete with gaming pieces bought overseas. You just never know what you'll find at DC. Maybe that’s why we have so many regulars and referrals. People haunt the place, looking for their certain something. You could too!  

About Designer Consignment: DC has been in the business of helping people, just like you, exchange things from one home to another, from one state to another state and even out of the United States. We work hard to make it work easy for you, and we’ve gotten pretty good at it. We are a family-owned store and believe that honesty, integrity and customer service are the core goals of any small business. We take pride in being a locally owned small business in Shawnee, Kansas. For the convenience of our customers, we are open 7 days a week. We’re always available to help with selections, answer questions, and happy to explain the consignment process to first timers, even suggesting reliable movers to assist in getting your items to and from the store So whether you are doing a little updating or putting the house on the market, we’re here for you.

DC has a talented team. Mom Sherry keeps the internal business side of the store humming. With lots to juggle, she manages to make it seem easy.

Daughter Ginger finesses the floor space, relentlessly styling and reinventing the floor. She believes that design is in the details, and has a natural talent when it comes to styling intriguing rooms with her visionary details. This makes for an exciting shopping experience.

They both work the store daily interacting with everyone that enters their establishment, but their favorite part of the job is checking in grateful consignors and ringing up sales for ecstatic customers! The rest of it, well it is hard work and long hours … but it’s all worth it!  

Dad Ron is the financial expert, and Son Chad is the photographer who chronicles all the gorgeous sets and creates stunning advertising images to market the store and its on-line presence. (Check out our website to see his amazing work at: www.designerconsignment.biz) 

The Jackson's work together as a team, all doing their part to make the store a success. Come see for yourself. Great shopping awaits!